Boo Riley – Mango Garry

Released June 21, 2019

Usually, you shouldn’t judge the book by its cover, and we guess the same goes for the music, but it would be ignorant to say that CD covers do not disclose what type of quality you can expect from music under the art.

In a span of similarly looking albums, warm and funky cover for Boo Riley – Mango Garry grabbed our attention. And we are quite happy with it. Needless to say that the cover depicts the vibe of the whole EP perfectly.

The album is advertised as “dirty pop + a splash of ’80s magic + a twist of classic rock,” and we think we will leave it here, as nothing more can be said to give the EP a better description.

Moment of vocal appreciation is needed with the Mango Garry. This song kicks off as a funky jam instrumental, while the vocal addition gave us the vibe that this EP is starting to get good. In the refrains and the very outro Boo Riley shows-off with his vocals, hitting those high notes like a pro, which will make you want to do the same (or at least pretend that you can).

The funky and catchy mood booster Boo Riley will make you want to dance or at least uncontrollably twitch your legs in different directions. No excuse not to. This shit is catchy as hell. In the end, funky guitar riffs, the occasional splash of sizzling ’80s synths, and great vocals are characteristics of this album

Monsters starting with a hint of spacey keys, reminded us a bit of Rush. This song also highlights guitar parts and intergalactic sounding synths in the background, so maybe that Rush comparison is not so far-fetched. Unfortunately, we felt that the last song wasn’t as much memorable as the previous two. Even despite coming back to funky concepts in the refrains, it still felt off. Maybe that was the main point here, to show something different and challenging at the end, but we felt that with a 3 song EP it would be better to keep similar mood till the end.

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