Chatrooms – It’s Alright

It’s usually hard to say something defining for the “anonymous” bands, just starting their journey, and not having a lot of material under their belt. Although having seen the first single by CHATROOMS, an indie band from The San Fernando Valley, we are quite sure that they bring something decent to the table.

It’s Alright is an almost punk-ish indie tune, stylized (at least visually) to bring the summer vibes, all with its neon looking graphics. Official song video, despite being simple, corresponds with instrumental layer very well. Introductory trippy synthesizers and revebish guitar present a short summer welcome, just before CHATROOMS strike with more alternative and punk sounding choruses. It’s Alright is full of energy, almost encouraging you to dance – which is best visible in the outro, where the band goes off with a full crescendo blast.

The reason why we had a nice time with this single is also thanks to the lyrics. “I’m never gonna change. I’ve accepted it. This is who I am.” This is a credo repeated first with more subdued and dreamy interludes – and then with a full swing in the outro (which is another reason why it was so punk & cool).

It’s Alright feels like a story of accepting the loss of some sort, all while understanding that “this is who we are.” These words are sung shyly in the refrains, almost like the singer is trying to understand it himself, just to scream it on the top of his lungs in the outro, as it was the time to “fully accept it.”


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