Crash Adams – Astronauts

We are huge fans of the ’80s, which in our humble opinion was the most significant musical period ever. As always a comeback of punchy synthesizers and neon candy aesthetic is something welcomed. The only thing is – whether the new song will be remembered?

The market now is saturated with those pop tunes, and it takes a little bit of talent to create something outstanding. Gladly Crash Adams have found out a solution to this problem, presenting their debut single Astronauts, a song which already secured spots on Spotify’s Indie all Stars or Canadian version of New Music Friday – quite an achievement for this self-made Canadian duo.

Astronauts is a very catchy, synth-driven song in a style of M83 or The 1975, with vocal lines oscillating on the verge of szlagwort-falsetto, which is exactly the part that makes choruses sound so damn catchy. It only shows that sometimes, you don’t need extravagant ideas to achieve your goals. In this case, punchy unapologetic synthesizers, and ear-catching vocals were enough to strike a pose and make this song stand out in the crowd.

Lyrically revolving around the viewpoint of being lost in life, Astronauts is a story about hanging in limbo, while aimlessly searching for the purpose of one’s life. A video was released along with the single, with a personal note from the band, giving the song a little bit more clarification.

“There are so many “astronauts” in the world, they may know it or not, but eventually they will achieve everything they’ve wanted out of their time on earth. It will be hard, and they will be considered different from those who aren’t astronauts. But in the end, the view of earth is greatest from outer space. “


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