Deaf Radio – Animals

Deaf Radio is a guitar-based alternative rock band from Athens, Greece, formed in 2015. It didn’t take long before guys released their acclaimed debut album Alarm (2017), accumulating thousands of streams and gaining praise from sell-out crowds during their 2017-2018 “shared-bills-tour” with the likes of The Killers, All Them Witches, 1000mods and The Kills.  

As the bar was set high, the band claimed to leave “no ear unturned” with their sophomore album Modern Panic, due to release on the 15th of November. The first glimpse at the new album was let to the public with the release of the single Astypalea, which was eagerly welcomed (tracks of the week by Classic Rock Magazine, feature on KEXP Seattle). 

The newest hint of the second album’s quality is the single Animals (complemented with the dark music video), which offers an intense closeup to homophobic and racist attacks in modern Greece.  Animals start with a very nefarious-sounding synthesizer, accompanied by the falsetto pop-ish vocals. After the intro filled with anticipation, refrains hit with more aggressive tom-tom patterns on drums and electric guitar licks in the background. The whole song seems to climax with the intense and emotional choruses, where lyrics seem to mirror the general concept of hate up to the outro, seemingly filled with power (“So are you staying tonight?/Before you hide/Follow me right on the edge/And we’ll be fine”)

Deaf Radio has taken a delicate subject in their hands and chosen to present a bleak version of life, filled with violence and hate, and most of all – realism. All was perfectly summed up with their alternative single Animals, which stays subdued when it needs to and fuels with rage when it has to. Hopefully, such high-quality craftsmanship will also be presented on the rest of the upcoming album.


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