Gamma Dog – Wa

Gamma Dog (formerly Empire Machines) started in 2009, and up to date band released 2 EPs, eponymous debut in 2011, and the next Animal Skin in 2015. After over four years of waiting, guys are finally publishing new songs, as they are foreshadowing the imminent release of their first full-length record. From what we’ve discovered is it bound to happen somewhere in 2019, so fingers crossed.

As of now, this psychedelia rock band managed to release two singles from the upcoming LP : Hear Them Coming and the aforementioned Wa, where from the very start we are bombarded with bouncy tom-toms, kind of surf-rock synths, and arpeggio guitar licks. All is complemented by the very memorable coda moment in the vocal axis – chorus with repeated “Ah, ah, ah,” is a part that will drill into your brain, and no matter if you like it or not, it is definitely catchy.

Gamma dog is: Matt Blackwell, Trey McKinley, Kevin Garcia, Kyle Garcia, Shawn Gallivan

Our favorite moment in the song is the break, just after the second “irritating chorus.” Complete stop from the pace-based rock tune, just to mess with the idle listener’s ear. Wa comes back a few moments later to rock back on with the pure instrumental in full swing. The track is getting to the square one only at the very end, as the vocals commemorate the whole lyrical point.

As always, guessing “what lyrics is about,” is a somewhat difficult task to summarise, but we felt that in Wa Gamma Dog tried to point the finger at the problem of people being forced to “keep shit together.” After all, sometimes when we are falling apart or healing ourselves from past bad experiences, we can get caught in appeasing the general public, just so that they could feel comfortable while talking to us. What’s worse it seems that this behavior is expected, so we think that along with this really cool tune some self-evaluation would do us all some good.


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