Germano – Lost Crowd

Germano is quite a self-made man. Having written every song on his upcoming debut EP, the artist just released a brand new single and music video to Lost Crown, an ethereal and dreamy song telling a story of the teenage wasteland, based on issues of loneliness and anxiety.

As an inspiration, the artist mentions the feeling of helplessness and the lack of a clear vision of where his life is going — a very popular theme right now, especially among teens and Millennials.

The good song production from Plastic Fruit Studios deserves some praise here. This pop tune, despite having reverb and the delay-based idea for instrumental, is still very catchy and pleasant composition to listen to (rather than being a wall of sound, deprived of dominant element). This song starts with soft synthesizers and additional vocal backup in the background, which brings a nice element of harmony to the table. This dreamy sentiment is meant to lull listener with instrumental based on prevailing legato concepts. It’s supposed to make you wonder, dissociate a little bit. Add to that prominent rich bass line in the chorus, and you will have a tune that is perfect for a late-night alone stroll, which is reflected well in lyrics.

Without a doubt, despite Lost Crown being just an introduction to the upcoming debut EP The Lost Crowd, Germano seems to emanate enough artistic maturity to assume that we can expect more good quality songs in the future.


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