Guilty Johnny – 24

Guilty Johnny is a project created by Felicia Bloemendaal and Johannes Kapteijn, former “busker-enemies” from Amsterdam’s Queensday flea market, where Felicia and Johannes both treated each other’s playing as an unavoidable necessity, as none of them enjoyed the repertoire of the other. 

Fortunately, there’s a truth to the saying that if you can’t beat them, join them; thus both artists decided to align their plans and ideas under one moniker of Guilty Johnny. Their very first EP back in 2018 was, safe to say, a success as, e.g., the single Different Light has received whooping 160.000 streams, which also granted Guilty Johnny a spot for a live gig at Sofar Sounds.

Wishing to have more material under their belt, Guilty Johnny is said to be in the process of recording new music on a houseboat, exploring the more lo-fi ends of indie folk/pop. The brand new single 24 is a testament to this notion. 

Lyrically the single is evolving around a rather intimate moment of meeting a past-lover (plus all of the unsaid matters from both past and the present). 24 is a rather slow-paced indie folk tune, where beautiful, harmonious guitar arrangements and subtle drum kit in the background create a picture of a rather private momentDespite indie folk genre hardly ever being described with words such as “sultry,” there is undoubtedly a thread of passion woven between the lines of (“You get in my head before I got out the door”). 

As far as indie folk genre is mentioned, the newest single 24 delivers. Hopefully, the rest of the material on the upcoming album will also show a similar level of craftsmanship.


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