Illvis Freshly – Runaway Freight Train & Feels Good

Runaway Freight Train is quite a juxtaposition single by Illvis Freshly, the Canadian band from Victoria, BC. Coming from a sound related side of things Illvis Freshly presents a quite refreshing concept in a music scene, mixing electronic and funk instrumentals along with a hip hop and rap elements. Basically, their songs are meant to make the audience want to move, and Runaway Freight Train is no different in this matter.

The track shows a little bit of indie-pop inspiration, with guitar-driven axis supported by the occasional vocal fillers, and radio-friendly choruses in the background. And while this song is rocking fine on its own, it is only when refrains hit with the rap verses, that you feel that this jam is in full swing. After all Runaway Freight Train is not something created to make you stand still.

Where’s this juxtaposition though? We are referring to the official music video. The wild west and silent film type of influence was quite a surprise to us, as this song sounds more suitable for the Need for Speed type of theme. Illvis Freshly decided though to exchange fast cars for fast trains. What’s better than guys rapping in a saloon, while “the singer with the high girly voice” is rescuing his Penelope? The team behind the Illvis Freshly decided once again to go against the current and show something different – and damn it is good!

As for the other single by Illvis Freshly – Feels Good is what it is – supposed to make you feel all right, and the track is giving some major positive and “chill” vibes. This time guys come up with an Ibiza-styled, beach-party-in-the-summer type of tune. Instrumental with deep bass and nice usage of the sax as the filler sets out a perfect mood for some vocal experimentation.

Thanks for the two MC’s in the band, alongside with a singing DJ, the Illvis Freshly vocal lines are never bound to make you bored. Falsetto choruses complemented by the rap verses make once again a perfect combo, which is admittedly quite a standard for this band.


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