Isaiah Conner – STN

Isaiah Conner comes back from a stream of the personal drama and failures with a back-to-the-top single STN. After having sports dreams cut short by the injury, as well as an engagement ring lost in the fry of the break-up, Isaiah decided to pursue music as the love-me craft. 

His first single Honest was a significant break-through, gathering over 80,000 streams, which enabled the artist to move to Nashville, TN, in order to pursue music craft in a more professional manner than before. First EP Seasons was the culmination of that period and was released in July of 2019, gaining closely 10k streams, just before Conner was put in front of another obstacle, dealing with the fault deal with a distribution company.

STN seems then like a brand-new start, and it’s the first single since releasing the debut EP. Conner got to work with talented producers like Austin Cannon, John Luke Lewis, and Mixed by Prince Fox, while still being a part of production galore himself, wanting to have a creative say from the A to Z.

STN seems to be a lyrical come-back to the past relationship-mishaps when pride has been potentially hurt so much, that Conner started to question himself with the future choices. Like the artist mentions (“Would you mind if I spoke my mind for a second / let these feelings run / oh my souls been heavy / I can only love you if you’ll let me”). The hesitation and self-doubt is complemented with the slow-mo, deep, indie pop instrumental, where Isaiah put a highlight on R&B inspiration. Taking, e.g., the deep bass background, Conner is still taking a stand with a sultry vocal axis, which was meant to pinpoint the meaning of the whole single. 

You might think that STN is the simple one-night-stand type of song, but Conner made it clear that it was his initial intention to make this genre a satire of his own. 

Because after all, what it means to have some a one-night stand after you have thought of living forever with the person you loved? It’s just temporary filling the void while knowing it won’t go away in the end. Sex, after all, is nothing more than a normal bodily function of any human being, like eating or breathing, and STN was meant to bring to attention how today’s society makes a fuss about something so natural, while simultaneously not paying attention to how important it is. Sex is always much more complicated when the feelings and expectations are involved. It is always much more “sacred” (as Connor mentions) when it’s about the person you genuinely care about.

So it is also an interesting experiment to see that some type of people will treat this song as a “banger” – both in the meaning of song having a chance of being commercially successful, as well as perfect sex-tune. The other type of people, the type of people this song was originally meant to, will find a moment of emotional solace and intimacy, perhaps shifting their thoughts to the loved ones. Either current ones, or lost ones somewhere in the fry of life, just like it happened in the case of Isaiah Conner.



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