Jordan Astra – Hot Summer Love

Summer’s in full swing, so it is no stranger that Jordan Astra’s Hot Summer Love gives a strong funky vibe. All those groovy basslines, soft keys in the background, a splash of the occasional ’80s inspired synths – Hot Summer Love is definitely a lush mood-booster.

What we loved about this track is the number of creative fillers used within the song. Besides the parts mentioned above, Hot Summer Love has a quite refreshing instrumental production. Jordan is not shying away from string parts, some glockenspiel, synths, vocal choruses or even absolutely amazing vocoder that you can hear in the second part of the song.

All of this can be credited to the artist’s background, as Astra has been producing tracks for other artists in Mississauga, Ontario, and now in Melbourne for some time, since this Canada native recently moved to Australia.

Hopefully, the warm climate would do Jordan some good, and the artist would be able to unleash his creativity even more. We are more than sure that there is more than meets the eye here, and Astra will provide some decent songs in the future as well.


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