Katrina Parker – Don’t Give It Up

Katrina Parker is an example of how mainstream can kill the artist’s creativity. One simple difference is – Katrina decided that she would not be a victim here. Showing a great interest in creating music from an early age, and after years of efforts, Katrina got a chance of proving herself in The Voice, where she successfully progressed into the top 8 contestants, gaining thousands of new fans and generating press acclaim from outlets as prestigious as Rolling Stone. This was the moment of the full spotlight and media interest, which culminated in releasing a full-length album, In & Out of the Dark.

Unfortunately, as it happens in many cases, fame is good in the short run. The artist admitted that in this frantic period just after her participation in The Voice and the release of the first album, she had lost somewhere the “original spark,” the purest joy of creating music straight from the heart. It seems that a moment of breath was needed to reminisce of what was important to her in the first place.

The perfect memento to what’s lost is pictured via the brand new single Don’t Give It Up, coming up from Katrina’s upcoming album Stars (due out on 6th of September). The artist comes back to more simpler times, reflecting on her childhood spent in rural North Carolina as well as early adulthood in LA. Both times, she felt more connected with her own version of self, when she dictated who she is, both as a woman and as a musician. 

Although simple in concept and stripped from any fancy ornamentation, Don’t Give It Up has an almost anthemic vibe to it. Subtle banjo plucking in the background, reverb-ish and ethereal vocal add-ons, moving bridge with a highlight on the lyrics – all this shows that Katrina has no problem with crafting perfect, emotionally-charged songs.

Lyrics (“You’re oceans away from your old life / These choices not what you desired / Our memories fade to black and white / But I am here to lead the way, to press rewind”), beautifully summarize the inner struggle that artist faced after The Voice journey, when chasing other people’s vision for her music was perhaps prioritized too much. Don’t Give It Up puts honesty and raw feelings in the spotlight, and it’s a glorious folk testament to Katrina finding her way to the “new-old self.”


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