Kristina Sarro – Lovin

Kristina Sarro is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from San Antonio, who just recently moved to o Nashville, to take a chance on musical degree and career as well. It is worth noting that Kristina already managed to receive some prestigious acclaim for her songwriting skills. In past receiving recognition as Grammy U Songwriter Showcase finalist or ASCAP Songwriter Showcase winner to name a few.

Lovin is the brand new songwriting project. This single was presented in two versions, original and stripped one. The original one comes as a lo-fi styled concept, many of which are used as the hip-hop instrumentals nowadays. All with the vinyl noise, ringing guitar accords sampled in the background, and deep bass line to accentuate the chill vibe of the whole song. Occasionally reverbish guitar and vocal add-ons create an additional dreamy layer to this already laid-back tune.

The stripped version is what it is – more of an acoustic song. Simple in its concept, with Kristina’s vocals shining as the mainframe, especially in the choruses where falsetto is presented. It is worth noting that this single was written in less than an hour, and the original version was created by enhancing the acoustic with a beat from artist’s friends (Dom Zumpano and Hayden Elrod), who also helped her to produce it.

Good start of the journey. Hopefully, we will see more creativity unleashed in the future, when the artist will have more opportunities to collaborate and present her new ideas to the world.


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