Leau – Text Me When You’re Sober

The newest single by Leau is a song inspired by a dark time in the artist’s life. Having moved to NYC in her early twenties, Leau enrolled in university, which took a significant fraction of time, money, and strength, but it wasn’t the “great deal” after all. It was more than depressing for Leau to discover that music was nowhere in sight, what’s worse, she had just broken up with someone she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. 

Problems with alcohol started shortly, and they were the catalyst to the idea behind the single Text Me When You’re Sober, since Leau reminisces, she used to drunkenly text “Whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted. For her own benefit,” craving attention, as misery loves company after all. 

Although quite dark lyrics are oscillating between the topics of addiction and periods of self-hate, Leau did ‘t want this single to be another gloomy and depressing slow-paced tune, even though it had such sound in the initial version called “Good Love,” which was even shared on SoundCloud by Lil Xan. The artist wasn’t though happy with the notion, saying that the song in the older version “wasn’t very true to my sound, it wasn’t me. I always wanted to remake the song with a producer who I thought could really take my vision and bring it to life.”

Having Arthur Pingrey as the catalyst behind the new mix, as well as mental self-healing, Leau was finally able to craft Text Me When You’re Sober as the fun, brutally honest, and sassy track that it was always meant to be. The single from the very start is lulling listener with deep bass and rocking drum sections, all perfectly accompanied by a velvety vocal. The single is conceptually taking major influence from R&B and pop genres, and Leau seems to find herself very comfortable playing with such ideas.

Behind-the-song message from the artist is clear here – you should not be ashamed of falling apart, it’s a human thing to do. You should not be scared of being astray and not finding out your way, as you are almost certainly bound to miss the calling along the road. Like Leau said herself: “It’s for anyone out there who doesn’t know how to love themselves yet.”


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