Lucas Laufen – A Million Miles From Love

We never expected someone to write a song inspired by the death of a rabbit… but well. Artistic ideas can come in the least expected moments, and so Lucas Laufen and his A Million Miles From Love is quite an abstract folk metaphor.

Lucas, who released his mini-album Goodbye in 2016 after moving from his native Australia to Berlin, in his latest single A Million Miles From Love identifies himself with a dead animal. The artist mentions, “I went back down to the house to check what had happened, and noticed that a rabbit had been killed on the lawn, and left blood all through the grass. It was lying dead about a meter away from its rabbit hole with all of its family surrounding it.

This event made Laufen think about the fact that, although he is so close to the Australian home, his mind is still daydreaming of places far away. All of this due to a rather exhausting lifestyle that every traveling folk troubadour has to accept. Over 11 countries visited in 2 years and countless concerts in clubs or house-gigs caused a bit of detachment from reality, visible even after returning to the home country. In effect after his return to Australia, Laufen felt similar to a dead rabbit sprawled on the grass, surrounded by its rabbit family. “I was in a really strange mindset with all the flying and moving between one side of the world and another – physically with my family but mentally floating around in space.”

Therefore A Million Miles From Love, having a quite perplexed lyrical and metaphysical content, is a highlight of what we will be able to see on the full-length album I Know Where Silence Lives, due out in December 2019. Produced by Ben Edwards, the LP will include nine songs, allegedly made in a similar manner as the single A Million Miles From Love. Having the single as the only point of reference for the upcoming album, we are though quite easy on the idea of how the whole concept will look regarding its quality.

A Million Miles From Love already presents a rustic, forest-like indie folk, with a powerful ethereal vibe. Single feels personal, melancholic, and instrumentally is stripped of any fancy ornamentation, only leaving enough for the song to feel complete, without overdoing it. Laufen is putting a highlight on more nature-like sounds, brass section, reverb-ish background choruses, strings, acoustic guitar or occasional parts of a trumpet, an instrument that Lucas is very well familiar with. A Million Miles From Love is a perfect representation of what hiraeth sounds like.


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