Matilda Sabina – Trouble

Matilda Sabina is a Swedish multi-instrumentalist and a model who together with her partner Ali Keivandarian create LOULOUMA MUSIC, a record label that allows them to express their creativity. They already managed to release a few songs, however as they were covers, Trouble is the first original. And we can mention the word “original” has a double meaning because at the same time this song is standing out in the crowd.

Matilda Sabina’s newest single is a proposition that is very different from the submissions that we usually receive, and we were pleasantly surprised here. In general, pop music these days (especially with female vocals) is very much connected with EDM themes. This means that songs may seem similar and without the “spark,” or some other defining element that would show something different, or something interesting. This is not the case with Trouble though.

The single is lyrically evolving around the artist’s troubles with falling for the wrong men. From the very start, you can hear influence derived from the wild west, expressed either through additional vocals background in the instrumental or cleverly sampled guitar. Matilda claimed that Trouble was inspired by Quentin Tarantino movies and shows like Narcos. It is precisely this concept that gives the whole song a unique character and makes it distinguish itself from generic radio-pop proposals.

Matilda is currently working on the release of the official music video for Trouble, as well as another set of singles, all due to be released somewhere in autumn 2019


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