Mereo – Live Without You

After studying at the academy for theatre and dance in Amsterdam, Rens Blonk released his first album Save it under the moniker MEREO in 2019 with producer Wim Selles. It was filled with R&B and pop-ish inspiration, and it seems that the artist decided to follow the previous instrumental arrangement inspirations.

Live Without You is a brand new single by MEREO, recorded in Amsterdam, again with the help of producer Wim Selles. Mix and master, on the other hand, was provided by Cagan Tunali from Istanbul, Turkey.  

The song from the very first notes makes us pay attention to the vocal – which seems to be the most crucial part here. Velvety words take a stand regarding the importance of knowing the truth. MEREO sings (“While the whole world is unraveling /I don’t know why/Everybody’s running from the truth), which then follows with the relationship-mishap (“You know it, gotta know it/What’s on my mind/ Try live without you baby/Didn’t know if I could baby/ Oh lesson learned”). Taking into consideration lyrics as the whole, you could say that MEREO dwells on the ability to move on from the past.

This dreamy, reflective mood is perfectly summed up with a rather simple and minimalistic R&B arrangement, mostly conveyed through subtle keys in the background or the occasional splash of the sultry trumpet. MEREO seems to take a niche of minimalistic R&B to his heart, and the current progress he is presenting is very promising. Hopefully, the more subdued instrumentals would also be changed to something more challenging in the future, as the genre of slow-paced R&B is rather saturated right now, and It would be rather hard for the artists to break through.


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