Musketeer – Wolves

Musketeer, despite the name, have nothing to do with France, rather deciding to be Viking Fleet Foxes instead with their new single Wolves. For people not yet known to Musketeer, this indie folk act has already released a debut album entitled Seven Long Years at the start of 2017. Firstly a solo project, now touring Europe as a fierce four-piece band. 

Musketeer in Wolves blends a traditional Nordic style with a howling folk-rock arrangement, to create a song true for the modern Vikings. The band hopes to release in 2020 a second studio EP entitled The North Sea, which allegedly will be focused on similar tropes as the first single.

Wolves, by all means, should put your mind to Vikings. Either the real ones, TV series or games like Mount&Blade, when nature is the god and humans are just chess pieces moving around the scope of Earth, thought the fields of blood and rustic realism of much simpler and cruel times. All lyrically pointing to the perspective of what might be an innocent villager, (“Down in the garden in the old village square / The men they smoke and the men they swear / They cock their crooked guns in the cold frigid air / Their stomach’s hungry…”). As Musketeer mentions, the song was inspired by a pack of wolves returning to Denmark for the first time in 200 years. (“Down amongst the thistles and the homeless at prayer / The wolves tread lightly, the wolves tread fair / As the snow falls…”)

Wolves go like a nordic spoken tale, pretty much complementing its lyrics with traditional folk. Simple in its creation, the song is mostly focused on the onomatopoeia vocal axis and choruses howling in the background, similarily to the eponymous Wolves. All arranged around the minimalistic war-like toms, legato bass lines and occasional add-on of strings. The single is giving enough to interest listener in the tale with its minimalistic arrangement; later on hitting with full eerie power, when similarily to wolves, howling change into a growling, just to accentuate the final comeback of the feral kings of the woods.


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