Natalie Madigan – Anyone

Natalie Madigan’s velvety vocals are starting her sentimental debut single Anyone, which is also an introduction to her upcoming album, yet to be announced for a release sometime in 2020. Natalie, being an artist from the capital of country music, Nashville, puts on a rather different direction for herself and goes for delicate motifs oscillating between subtle pop and sultry R&B.

Subdued stylistics, deep bass, and occasional instrumental accents of, e.g., string parts or an electric guitar perfectly accompany vocals in Anyone. Natalie created a song that is simple in its concept, and perhaps not very distinctive in comparison with similar R&B tracks, but it is made with such care, that it is very pleasant to listen to, and repetitiveness regarding the genre can be easily forgiven. Natalie is already grabbing attention from fans and media, collecting thousands of plays for Anyone, as once again – it is easy to hear the quality of craft.

Lyrically “anyone” presents an element of doubt associated with a long-distance relationship (“12 am feels different here without you / Our love flickers I don’t want to doubt you”), and all desires and hopes associated with it (“Under the covers, Baby no other / Could fit with you like I do / I know you better than anyone else”).

Anyone is a decent start of the journey. Hopefully, whatever artist has in mind regarding the release of her upcoming album or next singles, it would be at least on a similar level, wishing maybe for a little bit more of personal “touch” in songs.


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