Pick Pocket – Where You Are

Where You Are is a brand new single by Pick Pocket, an indie rock 3-piece from Salt Lake City, Utah. Starting as the band seeking to defy all of the non-conforming norms of today’s world, guys are the emotional naysayers to feelings of apathy and isolation. And while most of the artists follow with sulky, cry-me-a-river, slow-paced tunes, Pick Pocket is robbing you from any self-depreciation in a fast-paced, melodic, indie rock style.

Where You Are is lyrically revolving around being uncomfortable – whatever that might mean. However, even despite the realization that being uncomfortable is a negative feeling – it can be still a strong catalyst to developing your own persona, and simply challenging yourself to reach the higher grounds. The vibe of uncertainty can be even stressed by the short “broken-record” intro, interestingly enough it made us check the internet connection, so props for making a point. 

The newest single is though a very positive melodic starter to the newest album by Pick Pocket, called (Living) Room. It is full of smart, small guitar riffs or casual snare drum rim patterns, overall reminding a little bit of acts like Vampire Weekend or Phoenix, where instrumental changes within song are enough to make listener interested, without making itself overly complicated in the process. Seems like Where You Are is the perfect outro to this year’s summer days, which is perfectly culminated by the crescendo chorus at the very end.


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