Roisin Gordon – Left Here

Roisin Gordon, a 20-year-old folk singer-songwriter from Ontario, is shooting back with her brand new single Left Here. The previous major release was short Place To Start, a 6-track EP back from 2017.

Described as “A unique blend of coffee-shop folk and campfire pop,” Roisin Gordon tries to charm listeners with a very raw, acoustic single. It seems that in Left Here the artist took a guitar and recorded the whole thing in one,15-minute go.

Lyrically, the single oscillates around the unexpected break-up the artist has encountered, the acoustic and emotional balance conveying the feelings of heartbreak and loss (“Now you’ve made me a fool said I was the one but baby now you’ve got two”). It almost seems like one of those songs when an artist takes the guitar and sings whatever is on their mind, not caring about the quality or anything else besides the emotions, as they are fresh and the wounds are still burning. 

If you are a fan of polished and radio-friendly recording, the newest single by Roisin is not for you. But if you want the pure, honest artistry, not limited by any boring rules of today’s music business – Gordon delivers plenty.

As for what future brings, Roisin is currently in the process of recording the second EP, wishing to take her vision to the higher grounds, “poised to take her artistic perspective to bigger stages and bigger audiences.” 


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