Rosanna Lea – Story to Tell

Released June 28, 2019

Story to Tell is a brand new album by Rosanna Lea, a singer-songwriter from Cornwall, UK. The previous album Every Other Flower was released in 2012, so some water under the bridge has passed. This album has more of a folk-pop concept behind it, which can be heard in most of the songs, with the exception of ex. How Long Does It Take to Heal? or Human.

Lyrically the whole album is retrospection on how much human life is worth, and what it really means to be human. Artist put emphasis on enjoying contact with nature, smaller things in life, and people that share our journey, while debunking trivial struggles that at the end will mean nothing.

As admirable as this concept really is, we sadly felt that not every song catches up with a musical quality. In the end – music is not poetry, and sounds take the most crucial role in conveying emotions. Thus, we had a problem with a somewhat repetitive How Long Does It Take to Heal? which reminded us way too much of generic EDM or indie electronic songs, with a slight blowback in terms of song production. 

Indie folk songs like Story to Tell, All Roads, Born to Remind Us or Evergreen are in no way bad, and at times present quite interesting fillers, but once again – folk concepts seem to be overused here and not much distinctive. All of the songs are enjoyable while they last, but after that, they pretty much disappear in the void of similar ideas.

The outstanding song on this album is One of These Days. Once again an indie folk tune, but much more fast-paced and seemingly mood-boosting, except the simple fact that it is focusing on… dying. Guess there is no point in spending all this time worrying about drawing your last breath, so for once we welcome a tongue-in-cheek suggestion on this topic.

Another song worth mentioning is soulful Human. A decent production with an occasional splash of jazzy vocal improvisation, chill background vocals, and even… rap verse that was a really refreshing idea, honestly making this already good song even better.

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