SAND&SEA – i like you.

Guys from SAND&SEA (lead singer Josiah Riley and producer/rapper Liam Sass) define themselves as an indie pop band whose mission is to spread good vibes and lots of smiles to the world. Hard to neglect that statement, when i like you. is a definition of a summer, lo-fi, party-on-the beach type of tune. From the very start jazzy guitar riffs, groovy and rich bass lines, and rocking beats are creating a perfect chill & laid-back vibes.

Lyrically i like you is another “let me take you out” type of content, although let’s be honest – pop music is not known for a deep reflection on life. It’s meant to get you through the day in style and taking that this is basically a debut by SAND&SEA, it’s hard to neglect the fact that the song is one of those tunes when it’s hard not to hum the melody along since it is so catchy. It takes a certain amount of skill to create a song that would fall into the generic category, while at the same time do it in style and make itself memorable. The fact that is already appreciated by over 16k people who listen to the single on repeat.

So if you need a sunny pick-me-up on these chilly autumn evenings (or scorching sunny days, depending on where you live), guys from SAND&SEA deliver, and they will do plenty more as their first EP is about to release in November 2019. Stay tuned.


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