Spencer Hendricks – Losing Touch

Spencer Hendricks’ newest single Losing Touch is a story that sometimes it’s good to let things fall apart, just so that you would be able to create something much better in the future.

The artist was interested in creating music from an early age, but it was only in high school period when Spencer became involved in the music career seriously. Having played in a few bands, Hendricks eventually has moved to Los Angeles together with his mates, as the band signed a contract with the management team.

Unfortunately, as it seems, Los Angeles welcomes artists with a rather brutal reflection on music industry reality, and as it happens in such cases, the band broke up. Spencer, however, did not give up and for the next three years worked hard improving his craftsmanship, working and writing songs for other artists. After the long wait, he finally decided to release his brand new single Losing Touch.

The artist jokingly stated that this is the song you can put on blast while driving around town, and without a doubt there is a grain of truth in it. The most memorable element of Losing Touch is the chorus. Vibrant bass lines are prominent there and undoubtedly give the whole single character – it is most visible in the final part of the song, which has an almost anthemic character.

The subdued refrains are the moment where Spencer tries to make us pay attention to the lyrics of the song. All based on a sense of regret after the failed relationship, and self-evaluation and lessons coming with it. A very contradictory element, taking into account the overall tone of the song, which is an ideal recommendation for summer days.


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