Teddi Gold – Not Done Here Yet

Teddi Gold’s new indie-pop new single Not Done Here Yet is the very first song of this artist that we had the opportunity to listen to. From the press notes that we’ve got it is clear that her Caribbean upbringing took a considerable role in her musical craftsmanship, as Teddi had an excellent opportunity to develop her own style, away from the generic ideas of today’s pop music.

By all means, the production of this track is as good as you can imagine, and radio-friendly composition will get you swiftly swinging. The “Caribbean heritage” may be heard by the highlighted reggae dub in the introductory part, and choice of keys in the choruses. Such exotic motifs are not as striking as in Video Games (the already critically acclaimed debut single), but by all means, it doesn’t make this song any less enjoyable. We especially liked the minimalistic approach in the build-ups leading to the choruses, a part that put emphasis on the lyrical message of this song.

Teddi Gold

As you can imagine, pop music generally does not guarantee the most potent lyrical character, and we felt that Not Done Here Yet would also be having a hard time of defying the pop standards in this area. After all, how many times can you repeat “I’m not I’m not done here yet, I’m not done yeah.” We were much more impressed by the vocal sections here, as the message of persevering in life despite continuous obstacles was accompanied by a very intelligent, catchy, and szlagwort-like approach, with a splash of occasional anthemic choruses.

Not Done Here Yet is another fantastic jam by Teddi, who is already establishing herself as the act to follow, and we are sure that this song would be able to rock many parties this summer. The artist is releasing new tunes in relation to her upcoming eponymous album on 18th of August. Make sure to catch up while you can!


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