The Crawling Eye – All To Chance

In the land of SoundCloud nothingness, it always amazes us how many great tunes are left to die, sometimes without even a comment or so. All To Chance by The Crawling Eye seems to be one of such projects. The band was created by members of the 90’s indie group Interzone – Simon Thomas and Matthew Witherstone, who both joined their forces to create music together. 

Initially, the concept started rather successfully, as they had an EP released by an independent label, signed a publishing deal with Universal, but then… imploded. They both gave up on music, but as it seems, it is easier said than done, and Matthew soon joined with alternative band Ten No.6. Having a few song ideas to spare (as they didn’t match the band that well) Mat decided to give a reunion call to Simon Thomas.

Recorded EP with the help of Frank Naughton’s studio in Cardiff was overall well-received, thus the idea to release the next project was set into motion. All To Chance is one of the newest singles from The Crawling Eye. It is a very minimalistic indie folk concept, or rather an acoustic one. The single is based solely on guitar, harmonica, and vocals. Although really simplistic, it is definitely an enjoyable tune. 

All To Chance is lyrically revolving around what seems to be a good-bye of two people realizing that they are “evolving,” and that they have to allow life to take its natural course. The second verse leaves a little bit of perplexed notion though, as (“I see your train roll out the station/And I feel warm despite the rain”) might presume that this farewell was bittersweet one, just to have lines (“I see my life roll out before dishonest eyes/Feeling nothing in my veins”) strike a question, whether this farewell was the one of friend’s, or whether the one standing at the train station sighted of relief, as the relationship was a strain after all.


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