Wyland – Lost

It is always awesome to hear back from bands we used to feature in the past. This is another reason why we welcomed Wyland’s newest single, Lost. In case you are not familiar with the band themselves, Wyland is an alt-rock act from New Jersey. They already successfully toured together with Mumford and Sons, Alabama Shakes or The Maccabees, which is another testament to their credentials.

Lost is basically the third single released recently. Previous two (Nowhere Now and Dark Days) already managed to acquire good press acclaim, as well as steady fan engagement, collectively grabbing over 225k streams on Spotify, plus several official features.


Anthemic alt-rock is typically the style of Wyland. Lost is no different in that matter. This single lyrically evolves topic of finding a way back to the loved ones, even despite the ongoing obstacles. The way that instrumental reflect on those words makes it quite easy to believe that promise.

Just take a listen to the intro, starting with an emotional guitar lick, that subtly builds-up to the blast in the chorus. This predicament is repeated in the refrains/choruses, with a cleaver toned-down builds ups in between. Each additional guitar part or vocal harmony is well-thought. All these ideas are only meant to accentuate the importance of “I will find my way to you,” which is directly followed by the almost stadium-made chorus. All meant to make hart pump a little faster.

It is with no doubt that we can say that Wyland are soon-to-be-known masters of anthemic stadium alt-rock.


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